Fullness of the Gospel: The Purpose of Life

The Fulness of the Gospel series for this month is ‘The Purpose of Life’. The first paragraph rightly states that we must first understand who we are. It then boldly declares that ‘we are literal spirit children of God, that we lived with him in a premortal existence, and that we have within us the seeds of godhood, the potential to become like him. It then outlines the rest of the article which is a brief outline of the plan of salvation including, receiving physical bodies, walking by faith, and proving ourselves by applying the atonement in our lives.

As with many of these Fulness of the Gospel series, at fist glance this seems a bit bland to some of us who are quite used to these teachings. But sometimes I think we should step back are realize what powerful and revolutionary doctrine we have.

Our understanding of God possessing a glorified body of flesh and bones, and that all who receive a body will be resurrected, gives tremendous insight into the nature of the God we worship, who we are, and what this life is all about. The verse in D&C 93 is gives which states that spirit and element, inseparably connected, receive a fulness of joy.

What do you think it is about spirit and element inseparably connected that brings fulness of joy? Do we catch a glimpse of this joy during our probation when our spirits are temporarily connected with a mortal body? I suspect that there is a power, freedom, and perhaps an amplification of ‘feelings’ that the spirit can only experience when connected with element. And that an inseparable connection with a perfected body is better yet.

Walking by faith is also a purpose of life. It is apparent that our Heavenly Father is testing us here. Even ‘withholding information’ from us during this important time. It has often been my feeling that we were perhaps ‘mentored’ in our premortal existence, and that the time has come for us to test the character of our spirits for a brief final test. This test might be a type of ‘closed book’ test where we are not able to reference our previous notes, and the great instructor desires to see what we have really learned.

The last section of the article gives the famous Abraham 3 verses about being proven and concludes with a reference to 2 Ne 25:23 which states that it is by grace we are saved after all we can do. (There is that verse again Tyler!)

I am very glad to have the understanding that we have about the purpose of life. Hopefully I can remind myself of these teachings and doctrines of our church which seem so small and simple yet are powerful stuff indeed.


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