My Charity

This is the third post in a series on faith, hope and charity.

My faith and hope in the existence of God leads me to have a desire to help others to also find faith and hope. When I see people who are having any number of problems, I often think that what they really need is faith and hope. Certainly basic needs of health and safety need to be in place, but what healing could take place in a sad life if faith and hope could also be given with the basic necessities!

My faith and hope in Jesus Christ develops into a charity for spreading the basic gospel principles. Helping people to understand that death is not the end, and forgiveness of sins is available through the atonement of Jesus Christ is one of my favorite things to do. I have found great joy in a few precious experiences of teaching basic gospel principles to sincere intelligent people.

My faith and hope in the Book of Mormon and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints brings to me a charity that motivates me to serve in the church. The mission of the church is to bring people unto Christ. I have willingly served in the church in several capacities. I gladly participate in the home teaching program. I make efforts in missionary work, and enjoy going to the temple. Sure, I get great benefit out of doing this, but it is also a chance to serve others. I was pleased to serve a mission for my church, where I sacrificed two years in order to share my faith and hope with others. I feel that I would accept any calling my local leaders asked of me. I put forth an effort to be a good home teacher. I pay my tithes and offerings. This is my charity.

I do not do these things as well or as often as I should. Surprise, surprise, Eric aint purfekt. And my weaknesses in charity may well be a reflection of an imperfect faith and hope. It is probably at the level of charity that the weaknesses of our character really show up. I believe that one must have a firm foundation in faith and hope to be truly charitable.

It has been difficult to write this without sounding as if I have been bragging, and I am not sure I have succeeded. I am a small and simple, common person. A bit of a goof and a schmuck, without much talent. But I have found great peace, comfort, confidence and happiness through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hate to think of what I might be like without it. I hope this series has helped somebody in some way.


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