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Mormonism – It’s all true. Every Single Word. Jesus Himself Said So on Saturday Night Live

Did you catch this?

Which Star Trek Captain Would Make the Best Bishop?

Recent events in my life have caused me to think more about leadership.  It is difficult for me to observe anything without evaluating the leadership behind the event.  My wife is a big Star Trek fan, and has been watching old episodes on Netflix.  As I have watched a few of these with her, I cannot help myself from evaluating the leadership styles and preferences of the Star Trek captains.

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Is God Absolutely Responsible for Every Event?

Apparently, at a key moment in a football game, a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills (Steve Johnson) dropped a sure touchdown pass that would have won the game.  He then apparently tweeted his blaming of God for the drop according to a story here.

Those of us who watch sports once in a while are familiar with the praise that winners frequently give to God for their victory.  Very interesting to now see someone blame God for the dropped pass and the loss.  This strikes at a key theological topic regarding the absoluteness of God.  If we believe that God is responsible, or in total control, of every event, then we must not only praise Him when things go well, but blame Him when things do not.  At least Steve Johnson is being logical and consistent here.

My guess is that God does not catch or drop every football, and likely does not care who wins or loses most games.  I would rather contemplate a God who is not in absolute control over everthing, than one who is absolutely and ultimately responsible for everything.  Blaming God for a dropped pass (and things even more evil) is the logical result of believing in an absolute God who is literally everywhere, everywhen, omni-this, omni-that, in absolute terms.

If it is God who catches or drops every ball, then what is the point of the game?

Young Man from our Ward with Mad Soccer Skilz

Check it out.

A RUSH documentary in Theaters Summer 2010?!

For a long time fan like me, this seems to good to be true.  So much so that I am skeptical of it.  But it is linked to on their official website – therefore it must be true.

The Perfect College Football Playoff System: 2009 Version

Last year I introduced what I consider to be the perfect college football playoff system.  The BCS selections were made a couple of days ago, and while there is less national controversy this year than in previous years, there are still problems with the BCS system in 2009.  The primary problems this year include:

–  Three teams have undefeated seasons (Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State), yet will have no chance whatsoever at the national championship.  And this year more than most I believe these teams actually have a shot.  I personally believe TCU would likely beat Texas right now for example.

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Robertson/Nielson Win Company Golf League Championship

Time to brag.

My golf partner and I won our company golf league this year.  I have participated in this league for about 12 years, and finished no higher than second.  We were in a position where we needed to win our final match by a large margin to be sure and stay in first place.  I shot a 5 over par 9-hole round, while my partner (who is usually better) shot an 8 over par.  I have had a few better scores than this, but not on a course this hard, or in a round this important.  This is the first time I have won anything like this, so I am pretty excited about it.  I would like to review some highlights of the round.

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Um, God? It’s Golf Season Again.

Heavenly Father,

Could you please help me find my golf ball?  I know it is around here somewhere.  I’ve looked everywhere, and it is time to either find the ball, or take a penalty stroke and a drop.  Could you PLEASE help me find the ball?

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Why I am a Rush Fan

I have done more than just let it slip that I am a Rush fan. In celebration of their new album coming out May 1st, and their summer tour to follow, I thought I might explain this strange admiration I have for a silly rock band.

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A Father’s Lullaby

There have been several baby announcements on the bloggernacle in recent weeks. I congratulate all of these families and wish them the best.

I have had four children of my own, and have spent several late nights, pacing the floor, with a screaming baby. On one of these nights I composed a poem that I have come to call ‘A Father’s Lullaby’. I think it captures much of the feeling of a tender parent during such nights. I hope you enjoy this poem, and that some of you parents might sing it to your lovely infants as you attempt to comfort them. I am pleased to share this with you.

A Father’s Lullaby

by Eric Nielson

Go to sleep,
You little creep!

The End.


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