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I Want a New Blog (Huey Lewis Parody)

He he he.

I may be dating myself a bit here. There was a popular band in the 80s called Huey Lewis and the News. One of their songs was ‘I Want a New Drug’. This song was going through my head the other day and I substituted drug for blog (I need to get a life). I wondered what the other lyrics might be like if changed a bit to address LDS blogs. As it turns out about half the lyrics I left as original – they seemed to apply quite well. They turn out to be a anti extremist approach. What do you think of the hypothetical blog that is described here? Does an LDS blog like this exist? Any recommendations? Hopefully Small and Simple and Blogger of Jared match this somewhat. What do you think?

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Bloggin’ Man (A Rush Parody)

The following are modified lyrics to “Workin’ Man” by Rush. I have been using my lyrics whenever I listen to this song or when it goes through my head. It says a bit about what I feel about blogging sometimes.

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Dead Animal, Belly Up

The vacations of my youth usually consisted of a long ride in a crowded car to destinations that were not exactly glamorous. And spending long hot days in a VW van with black vinyl seats with not much to distract the mind had the effect of driving everyone insane. One particular vacation had us in Butte Montana with the tourist attraction of a copper mine as the goal. I’m not kidding.

The level of insanity was such that for fun we decided to pronounce Butte Montana like Butt Motna. And continue to pronounce the fine city that way to this day. This is what we did on long trips without DVD players in the car.

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What’s in a Nickname?

I have always had a kind of fondness for nicknames. To me they often seem like a term of endearment, and if you are a fun and socially accepted person, I figure you probably have had some kind of nickname at some point in your life. Most of my life has been spent without a nickname. Just plain old Eric.
My sisters would call me Erk once in a while (pronounced like and synonimous with irk). This was a little less than endearing however. When I was in the band I picked up the nickname of OOOOOT. This is a bit of a long and stupid story, so I will spare you of it. But a Tenor Saxaphone player in a Jazz band almost has to have some nickname.

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Dammit Jim! I’m an Engineer, not a Theologian!

Some of you may recognize the title as a play on the familiar phrase that was frequently given by Doctor McCoy on the popular television show named Star Trek. This post is an attempt to draw some parallels between my career as an engineer, and my approach to living the gospel as a member of the church.

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Missionary Practical Jokes

So Eric, were you ever convicted of a federal offense on your mission?

Convicted? No. Never convicted.

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Doctrine Regarding Root Beer Floats

The youth and youth leaders in my home ward appear to have chosen root beer floats as the refreshment of choice for their activities. That suits me fine, I love ’em too. I don’t expect to have any problems in the spirit world knowing which side is paradise. It is the side with the root beer floats.

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Soul Mates

Naiah wrote a touching description of her marriage on the occasion of their anniversary here. It is well written, and I could never write something like that if for no other reason that a fear of sounding ‘sappy’. Reading this got me thinking about my own marriage.

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Auras: Am I Seeing Things?

I see live people.

This may seem like a strange thing to admit, but confessing to possible psychological problems has not been a problem for me in the past. But there are times when I see what I might describe as an aura around people. This only happens to me a few times in a year, and then only during things like a really good sacrament meeting talk or similar circumstance. This aura appears to me as a soft white glow which outlines a person. Am I a nutcase or am I experiencing some type of spiritual gift? I do not bring this up to boast of any great spirituality. But I have not really heard about things like what I am describing as an aura as being legitimate gifts of the spirit. Am I off base here?

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