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Take Our Missionaries, Please.

It is rare for me to come across full-time missionaries that I really like. Most of the missionaries I come across are quite forgettable, others are memorable for the wrong reasons. Living in a small and somewhat isolated ward missionaries are hard to avoid. There was a long stretch when we had three sets serving just in our ward. And when you get a few coming around that are into member guilt trips they can get to be a real drag.

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Africa and Missionaries

KenyaI have been gone on vacation for a little over a week. I was visiting my parents in Western Wyoming. The timing of the visit worked out well, because just as we were preparing to leave my parents received their mission call. They will be serving in the Kenya, Nairobi, East Africa mission. I am very proud of them. It is an interesting call since this is the same area that they served together in the Peace Corps after college. While in the Peace Corps, about 40 years ago, there was no church presence in Africa, and as far as they knew they were the only members on the whole continent. Now that they return there are about 6000 members in Kenya alone. Much of our conversation centered around their future mission – they leave in November for 18 months.

I was flipping through my fathers church almanac and saw that Kenya has 6000 members and thought about how few 6000 members is. But then something astonished me. I saw that this number of members compares quite well to the number of members in countries like Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and similar places.

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If Only They had the Gift of the Holy Ghost

A few years ago I was serving as a ward mission leader. I was talking with one of the missionaries about one of their investigators. He was expressing a little frustration, among the issues that were discussed, the missionary observed that the investigator:

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Missionary Practical Jokes

So Eric, were you ever convicted of a federal offense on your mission?

Convicted? No. Never convicted.

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Should Baptism Requirements be Raised?

In the March 2003 Ensign Gordon B. Hinckley is quoted as saying that the biggest problem that the church faces is rapid growth. This startled me a little bit. With all the possible things that he could have said, I would not have thought rapid growth would be the biggest problem. It seems evident to me that what the church is trying to do is accommodate that growth. Action in the other direction (limiting growth) seems almost unthinkable.

One of the things this has caused me to think about over the last couple of years is if the church should raise the requirements for baptism. There has been talk of raising the bar for missionaries, but apparently not for converts. I served for a couple of years as a ward mission leader in Michigan. From my faulty memory, this is what I remember being the requirements for baptism:

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What do People Want in a Church?

I was having a conversation with a couple of men from my work when they started talking about a new church that they had joined. Apparently they had both joined the same church (I am guessing some protestant variety) at about the same time very recently. I was very interested in what they had to say and was expecting to hear some kind of conversion story. The things that they mentioned that they liked about this church were quite interesting.

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