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Obama’s Flip-Flop

President Obama recently changed his position on the issue of gay marriage.  This adds an interesting twist to the upcoming presidential election between himself and Mitt Romney.

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How Far Would Brigham Young Have To Go…?

How far would Brigham Young have to go to cause you to have a crisis of faith or weaken your testimony?

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Special Report: Mormons In China

Brother and Sister Franks and their five youngest children have been living in China for several months, and will continue living there for several more months. Brother and Sister Franks are long time members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and have served in various callings at the ward and stake level. They are one of the most impressive families I have ever met, and were somewhat of the backbone of our ward. I miss them very much.

Brother Franks is the CEO of the company I work for, and is leading an effort to give our company a presence in China in the hopes of opening up new markets for our products and services. They have decided to live in China as a family during this exciting time. I asked Sister Franks if she would be willing to answer a few questions to satisfy my curiosity and provide what I expect is some interesting information.

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Wars and Rumors of Wars

Captain MoroniWe definitely live in a time of wars and rumors of wars. There are many people who have friends and relatives who are involved directly in the war in Iraq and the war against terrorism. My heart goes out to those individuals and families.

For many of us these wars are something that concerns us, but may not affect us greatly day-to-day. These are wars which for the most part are fought ‘over there’. Many of us go about our lives much the same way we always do. But this might not always be the case.

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